As a youngster, I remember all the sewing machines running non-stop and Carrie and their friends at my grandmother’s house sewing thousands of pre-die cut clothes together to keep children warm during the brutally cold English winters.

During Vietnam (unlike “water experts” that went to Canada so they could snipe at people like myself and our vets ), I owned Precision Switch in Port Chester, New York, when my resident military inspector commented about a sub contract at New London, Conn. I said; “They will sink to the bottom during sea trials!” I was right and we both knew the supplier. Later, after finding a blueprint error, I faced a military tribunal for breach of contract because I wouldn’t put lives at risk until the fatal flaws were corrected!

]In similar fashion, 40 years ago they said I was using “scare tactics” with my local drinking water warnings. Now, tests show residents have FIRE RETARDENT chemicals in their blood! Rather than spending $30 million in dredging costs, MUNICIPAL LETTERS in the Video section at show NO DREDGING IS NEEDED because even the cooling water from my water machine keeps solids in suspension so they can be pumped out just like your bloodstream! I was right again or is this called “draining the swamp”? You would think so even with 13 International
Patents, 332 FDA Tests, an Engineering Degree that includes Steam Plant Design with top secret Security Clearance at Douglas Aerospace and Honeywell! Like communist China, the medical establishment bans advertising and books they don’t like!

However, after buying my E5 water machines, the Chinese government is involved in a 10-page contract for 15 million machines a year, with thousands of workers, producing $50 billion in annual sales! However, they want to build them in China (not here) and only President Trump could reverse that. He may remember the Bond Bread plant in Queens (one of my grandfather’s 50 plants and Norman Vincent Peale “The Power of Positive Thinking” who also came to our family gatherings). Maybe he can bring this project to the United States!!

Is it any wonder “Scam websites’ warn you about “water scams” when they are part of the scam … losing 40 lawsuits? They also sell the same plastic distillers we filed against years ago (FTC Order C- 3220) ruining the health of millions also producing Zero Energy Water! Our Hydrogen Generator Video proves the basic principles to lower your $300 electric bill down to $10, but Power Companies don’t want you to know that any more than a news magazine using retired doctors to sell “health advice”… even touting a plastic distiller with phthalates that cause breast cancer and baby boys with undeveloped sex organs and female characteristics!

To stem the naysayers: My college engineering professor Dr John Weishampel, gave me the only grade of 100% in 30 years of teaching.

I am not new to controversy: In 1957 I had the best discus throw in the World (T&F News, Vol. 10, No. 12) but gave it up because I knew Anabolic Steroids would cause users heart damage! All the top athletes were told they were safe by doctors. However, their inventor, John Ziegler M.D., said before he died at 63: “I wish I had listened to [John Ellis]. I damaged my heart!”

There is a long list of Olympic friends who are dead because they were “FDA Approved” (now banned). I was right then about anabolic steroids and I am right now about viruses and disease! VIOLATING FARADAY’S LAW? Here’s what a man in Zurich said: “I have had your E5 Water Machine for only 24 hours. I had gross swelling in my legs and hadn’t worn ordinary shoes in years. Your water immediately destroyed the markers for elephantiasis in my blood stream!! I lost all the water weight in my legs and I bought a pair of shoes size 10 ½. Also unlike ordinary DDW, using electrolysis (a battery and two thin pieces of stainless steel, anode and cathode, not a stack that negates power) your water produces so much Hydrogen it violates Faraday’s Law producing the energy needed to stop disease!!”

A company that produces hydrogen generators for trucks found the required power slowly went down over 24 hours (a cascading effect that is immediate once it has been treated) from 31 amps to less than 1 amp making the same amount of hydrogen by adding only 20 drops of this water to ordinary water in their hydrogen generator (another website video)! Using this technology, you can power your car, heat your home and produce electricity for pennies. Watch the Video that shows examples PROVING you are drinking the wrong water, just as food supplies energy, this water provides the “BODY ELECTRIC” energy that powers your heart (defibrillator to stop heart attack, pacemaker)!


With our 501(c)(3) non-profit Foundation, you can buy a machine and take a Tax Deduction! There are thousands of families around the U.S. who need our water machines—kids in Flint, families in poverty, etc. When you buy a machine, a portion of the proceeds go to this important humanitarian aid project.

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