WATER WARNING!!!    SLOAN KETTERING ONCOLOGISTS:”YOUR WATER HAS MANY AMAZING QUALITIES THAT PRODUCE THESE RESULTS!!” (below, 30 yrs at Sloan). Click “TRUE STORY OF HEALING” (sidebar) IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT KILLS ALL THE VIRUSES (CANCER CAUSING) and FOOD MOLD (mycotoxins found in MOST foods)=DISEASE!! PROOF? DOLE FOODS with 9 months of testing and a 7 page contract I wouldn’t sign!! Ref: Virus & Bacteria Destruction Time Chart (sidebar) RECYLING WATER 100’S OF TIMES/GAL (NOT ONCE!!) THIS  OPENS UP THE HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE (HBA) FROM 104 DEGREES TO 114 DEGREES! ALWAYS DRINK WATER WITH A HBA ABOVE 108 DEGREES (alcohol) BECAUSE ABOVE 108 DEGREES IT ELIMINATES THE SIDE EFFECTS OF TOXINS FROM OUR FOOD SUPPLY WITH SUPERIOR BLOOD FLOW TO THE EXTREMITIES (below)! IT SAVES LIVES!! They are using the water to reconstitute dried blood for the military because of these unique qualities! Also, it EASILY goes through a membrane when ordinary water WON’T!! That’s why ordinary “wrinkle cream” is useless! (Read everything on the sidebar and you will probably buy a machine!). If that’s not enough, how about an “inoperative” cancer patient chart reviewed by the FTC and then returned to us so we can use it on the sidebar (3 out of 4 people will get Cancer; passes easily: Prostate problems!) Unlike ordinary distilled (low energy,don’t drink, 101 HBA below) our machines make TWO TYPES OF WATER i.e. 240 gal/day tap (turn up the flow) and John Ellis distilled (12 gal/day) BOTH with a 114 HBA!! A retired Applied Research Lab scientist, Univ of TX, after buying several E5’s, noted the potency against diabetes, cancer, prostate, alzheimer’s etc: THE WASHINGTON POST Investigation(sidebar:”10,000 people/day and the CURATIVE POWER!!”) which has been upgraded to handle the latest health threats!! Dr G. Abraham MD (independent research, UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL): “YOU CAN’T DEBUNK SOMETHING YOU CAN MEASURE! We can measure the ability of Water or Blood (94% water) *TO GO THROUGH A MEMBRANE into the cells to the extremities nothing is even close to your water! Your Hydrogen Bond Angle is *114 degrees!!” It has been measured 100’s of times using a SEM (113.8 degrees, rounded off to 114 degrees) or you can do the simple energy test below! The DEQ knows this is the only water that can treat vast quantities of water (even human waste: municipal letters), protecting us from terrorist attacks on water supplies that you won’t realize until it’s too late!! Recording: 800 433-9553; 845 754-8696; 13 patents & 332 FDA Tests, The ONLY method that destroys DEADLY TOXINS with UV AND HEAT plus Distillation 100’s of times/gal (NOT ONCE!!) As a result, this is the ONLY truly LIVING WATER* that provides the EVERLASTING LIFE promised in the Bible!!