Dr Guy Abraham M.D. mentioned our 114 hydrogen bond angle years ago when he independently tested our water when he taught at UCLA: “No other water is even close! You can’t argue with something you can measure!!” ORDINARY WATER HAS A HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE OF 104 DEGREES. THE WORST IS ORDINARY DISTILLED WITH A HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE OF ONLY 101 DEGREES, confirmed by scientists from the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab and Lawrence Livermore to THE WASHINGTON TIMES Brookhaven Lab scientists after their nuclear accident: “Your machine gets rid of cancer causing radiation by recycling water 100’s of times per gallon!” If you change the HYDROGENRead More →

Many publications appear as American as “apple pie” but don’t be fooled by interests that now control them and are PAID to help take us over from within by swaying public opinion! We have the ONLY product on the market that allows enough LIFE SAVING DESTRUCTION TIME TO KILL MOLD SPORES and PROTECT  YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (Look at the “VIRUS & BACTERIA DESTRUCTION CHART“, Each pathogen has a DIFFERENT DESTRUCTION TIME! YOU CAN’T IGNORE THE CHART!! “Hate America Scientific Quacks” ignore simple tests that children can do!!  MEASURABLE RESULTS from the scientists at DOLE FOODS, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore. YOU CAN’T KILL ANY VIRUS INCLUDING THE CANCERRead More →

Miracle Healing Water in Tlacote, Mexico The media didn’t pay attention to John Ellis’s water until a Washington Post reporter visited a farm in Tlacote, Mexico where there were stories of people being healed of all sorts of disease and illnesses from drinking the water from Jesus Chahin’s well. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of pilgrims lined up on the road leading to Chahin’s farm, carrying jerrycans, water jugs or crockery—anything that would hold water, for what they believed was “miracle water.” When the Washington Post writer interviewed Jesus Chahin, the farmer told hm there was no such thing as miracle water. Chahin confided that theRead More →