How I Saved My Own Life?

I am in my 89th Year

because I discovered how to take advantage of vaccine shots and radium treatments I received as a child.. avoiding the downside

This tale of woe had a great ending in spite of the Navy submariners and Air Force members including myself (at 14) who had radium tipped rods inserted into their nasal cavities to treat hearing problems, ear infections, sinus trouble and shrink adenoids. However, decades later serious health problems developed including thyroid cancer and head and neck tumors!

As a result, I went to the Choate School Wallingford, Conn. where an old chemistry book inspired me to release the measurable energy in water to 30 TIMES the energy in ordinary water and save my own life ( videos)! A child in Chemistry class also proved that! Thousands were treated near the submarine base in New London, Conn. I tried to help these people 40 years ago with my health course and free water machine with this new-found energy (13 International Patents, 332 FDA Tests) but after Vietnam, they didn’t want to help veterans and it continues today as Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) also discovered as late as 1994 … even after ONE MILLION CIVILIAN RADIUM TREATMENTS, there was little interest in helping even Agent Orange victims.

Instead of helping them—like a Jan. 27, 1992 Washington Post article: “10,000 people per day say this water cures anything including cancer!” (we are allowed to quote)—“News and Health” magazines use fringe MDs to sell products that cause cancer! Editor and Health Pioneer: “I feel wonderful taking 70 vitamins a day!” before dying on TV while another overdosed on iodine (both from Toxic Overload!) like the Anabolic Steroid inventor who died at 63 (below)
… which is why I gave up the discus! Your body knows what it wants. Change water properties and your blood (94% water) will reject what the body doesn’t want, like the chart with disease markers, aging Deuterium and ingredients needed to get a lifesaving Immune Reaction! At $300 per bottle, ordinary Deuterium Depleted Water can’t treat wells, Municipal Waste Lagoons or produce HUGE amounts of Hydrogen (A. Szentgyorgy Nobel Prize: “The Fuel of Life!”) Proof: I survived an inadvertent “bad drug” vaccine shot in my 80s (using my protocol) while an acquaintance in his 50s was dead in two days! Watch Video’s … famous Oncologist (30 years at Sloan)!

This reminds me of American Red Cross Founder CLARA BARTON: “We nursed you back to health and now we need your help!” but her counterparts made sure help never came!! LIKE THE ABOVE: Google “Nursing Sisters Port Dover” about my grandmother’s heroic sisters in WWI. One sister received only a certificate from King George V (in spite of her “valor in the face of the enemy” she was ineligible to receive the Victoria Cross simply because she was a woman!). As a result, my grandmother moved to Rochester, New York and befriended SUSAN B. ANTHONY and her cousin CLARA BARTON before moving to New Rochelle, New York. Her friend CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT moved around the corner. (Catt’s Congressional speech resulted in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote in 1920.) The book has hundreds of letters and pictures including one of the ambulances my grandmother donated before we entered WWII.

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