NOTE: All the DDW articles and studies, as a result of the discoveries of Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szentgyorgy: “Hydrogen Is the Fuel of Life!”, are listed by The National Institutes of Health (NIH) FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY! They don’t endorse products. If they did, you would pay $300. for a small bottle of DDW not pennies/gallon! However, watch the Video Ammeter below (using ONLY 20 drops of our water)!! Ordinary water lacks the energy to easily split into *Hydrogen and Oxygen: *“The Fuel of Life!”: Nobel prize Winner Albert Szentgyorgy ALL DRINKING WATER HAS DEUTERIUM which damages your DNA!! A major CAUSE of Aging and Cancer! Discover Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) at the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH NIH.GOV Dozens of studies  Revealing Water’s Secretsthat confirm the phenomenal DDW results we receive (below) but WITH A TWIST!! To produce DDW you have to RE-DISTILL water 60 times($300. for a small bottle!). However, our machines DISTILL AUTOMATICALLY… 100’s of TIMES/GALLON (not ONCE!!) and by doing this 100’s OF TIMES you also produce water with MEASURABLE ENERGY (Ammeter video below!) that powers your HEART (defibrillator)!!! Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you alive!! With 13 Patents 332 FDA Tests it’s the rage worldwide! BUY DDW BOTTLED WATER or MAKE IT AT HOME…for PENNIES and take a 501C3 Tax Deduction!! Click Here For Our Great Testimonials


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The profits from this endeavor go to our Ellis Estate in Shohola, PA property to support 3000 boy scouts, girl scouts and disadvantaged youngsters. Politics aside, they represent the future of our country!

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